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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Too many teas


I am starting to realize there are far to many teas to try, when I first started drinking tea, I thought this far into my journey I would have at least explored several types of most of the main categories of tea. Tea in general presents a challenge, juggling your stock and placing orders based on various considerations such as old favorites, new things to try, and desire to use a certain piece of teaware.

One thing I have come to realize is I have now found so many favorite teas, that I could almost be content ordering them over and over again, and simply drink them in a bit of a rotation. Though I like to explore a little bit so while I will enjoy drinking those teas, I always want to try new teas, one blaring gap in my tea journey is a lack of exploration of Taiwan Oolongs. While I have tried a few, I have yet to drink much more than a sample of any Taiwan oolong, and no where near enough to get a good understanding of what they can be.

What I find most interesting though is due to some of my favorite pieces of teaware, are only being used for a few specific teas, and while I may not care if those teas run dry, I tend to get a bit on edge if I do not use a piece of teaware in quite some time. For example I usually do not keep matcha on hand, but typically after going 2 or 3 months without it, I feel the urge to order a can.
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