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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Closed Minded

Sencha 7132 O-Cha

As much as I hate to admit it, but my whole entire experience with tea has been one giant lesson in why you should be open minded. While I have always wanted to try as many teas as possible, to often do I find myself dismissing entire categories of tea as sub par, or just plain not for me, I am consistently having eye opening experiences which always make me reconsider my views.

In the past I had written off Japanese teas, red/black teas, exceptionally green oolongs, and shu puerh, as just not doing it for me. Amazingly enough I know likely drink more Japanese Tea than any other type, and have since sworn off not having at least some hong cha in stock. Now I am quite content in saying I have no problem giving any tea a try, as long as it is pure C. Sinensis.

Though this almost begs the question, am I being to narrow/closed minded by avoiding herbal tisanes, flavored teas, while I do not mind the occasional Earl Grey, I really am not interested in a Caramel Mocha black tea, or a peppermint patty green tea. (If any company actually produces those tea flavors I apologize). These "teas" offer an interesting conundrum, in the sense that am I seeking to have a good understanding of things people around her refer to as Tea. I mean I always feel like a bit of a snob when I tell a person I know I drink a lot of tea, and they go on to tell me about how they love some tea which I wouldn't want to touch any of my teaware, even the porcelain. I am unsure if I am closed minded regarding those "teas" because I refuse to acknowledge them as a category of "true tea".

Though flavored tea offers a bit more confusion. Do I through out Jasmine teas, Lapsang Souchong, and other very historic teas with long standing traditions which are technically flavored?

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