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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Celebration Tea

Celebration Tea

After receiving word that I passed my Graph Theory Prelim on Friday, I have been in a bit of a celebratory mood, and it brought up the question in my mind. What teas do you like to drink when you are celebrating?

I personally tend to go for stuff whose prices or uniqueness put them well out of the every day situation. Yesterday I had the remainder of my 3 Stamp Shui Xian from The Tea Gallery, and today I am making a day of it by trying to tackle the remainder of an Aged Puerh sample from Hou De.

97 7542 blue and white

Part of why I am asking this question I want to see if among us tea drinkers there is a Champagne of tea, in the sense that there is one go to category of tea that tea drinkers wish to drink upon happy and joyous occasions. Such as what tea would you brew up on New Years Eve? What tea to celebrate the birth of a child?

I honestly do not have it nailed down for the longest time it has been aged puerh, but the more and more I drift to the green sides of things the more extreme aged puerh tastes to me. Now I am thinking my Celebration teas should be high Quality Yancha, possibly aged 3 or more years. But that is not to say that Gyokuro or Matcha's do not make excellent celebration teas themselves. I would be interested to hear your thoughts.
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