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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Morning Crane Tea Korean Dan Cha

Dancha Leaves
My regular blog readers know that a year and a half ago I found Korean tea, and I have nearly always had some in stock ever since.  Korea is known mostly for their Herbal and Green tea offerings, but some of my favorite Korean teas have been their less known Balhyocha (or Korean Style yellow tea). Which is why I am so excited to try this Korean style red tea.  Mattcha reviewed this tea lately and gives some wonderful possible reasons for the name   Dan-cha for this tea.

I am going to break from recent blog protocol and actually write up a review for this tea.

The dry leaf has a peculiar aroma which reminds me of the Balhyocha's I have tried, slight hints of cinnamon, tree bark, and a slight nutty aroma to it also.

First infusion:

Aroma is quite like the dry leaf,  a lot of notes of wood/ tree bark, with just a hint of dried fruit.  Its taste also has a strong prominent wood note, but also a nice hint of minerals, and a strong note of nutmeg.

Dancha 1st Infusion

Second Infusion:

A more mellow aroma, which is less woody and more towards fruit leather. The taste is also mellower, but still incredibly full, and round.  This infusion is rather throwing me for a loop, I incredibly enjoy it, though I am not sure how I can describe why I enjoy it.  It somehow has to do with how this tea tastes incredibly filling and hearty, although far from fatty.

It yielded several more very satisfying infusions, though as is the way with most teas got progressively weaker, even while bumping up the infusion times.

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