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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Trying to "get" Puerh

Puerh is just one of those teas that it seems you either get it or you do not.  For awhile when I was starting out I  thought I understood puerh, only to find out I really really did not.  Since then I have drifted away from the cakes sold almost by the pound, in part because I like to consider myself practical, and in the while I had been drinking puerh, I had somehow amassed enough tea that under my typical consumption rates would last me at least a decade.  ( Honestly not that much as I do not view puerh as a go to tea).  

So about this time last year I sent out quite generous samples of some teas to a few friends, just to help make the "puerh box" a little lighter.  Lately feeling as though I might actually be missing out on something that has kept so many people enthralled, causing people to not only invest in thousands of dollars worth of tea, but go even further and spend thousands of dollars to try and create the correct storage conditions, has me baffeled.

A small note on puerh, as while certain people like the amazingly caustic new sheng cakes, puerh in my mind is meant to be consumed at an older age.  But even then having tried some dozen or so aged Puerh tea's I am not completely sold on all of the fuss. 

But rest assured I am trying, in the past 3 weeks I have dipped into the puerh chest 5-6 times, which is 4 more times than I did the previous 2 months.  Todays challenger is one of my favorite puerhs back when I was drinking, although it has been known for causing incredible palate fatigue after the first 5-6 infusions or so.  Its Changtai 2005 Yiwu. It definitely seems to have mellowed since I have gotten it, which I believe was summer 2010. 
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