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Monday, March 19, 2012

It's march right?

Okitsugawa Miyabi

I understand weather is consistent in the only regard that it is incredibly inconsistent.  I also know that Weather drinking is seasonal, but the fact that in the midwest for the past week and for the foreseeable future in the Midwest it is on the border between tea being enjoyable, and "So hot, I am surprised the kettle isn't boiling before I turn on the heat."

The only upside is its now lots of wonderful sunlight, and light late enough in the day I can easily forget how late in the day it can be when I get around to have tea.  But that is good, as the high powered high roast oolongs can still be consumed later in the day as the weather starts to cool.

What amazes me the most is usually when the weather is like this I am overwhelmed with new harvest teas, and here we are over a month before Shincha usually gets released.  All I know is if Japan had the same weather as we are having in the Midwest,  they would likely already be picking shincha.
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