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Friday, August 17, 2012

Favorite Tea

While it appears that the blog carnival that was being held by the Association of Tea Bloggers' has lost a bit of steam, but we are doing a carnival of sorts to promote the Tea Bloggers' Choice Awards.  The theme for this carnival is favorite tea, but it was left quite loose in terms of where to go from there.  In fact, upon hearing it, I thought about writing about my favorite tea country, my favorite tea type, my favorite way to enjoy tea, or my all time favorite tea session.  The host for this carnival is Jason Walker at Walker Tea Review.

The first two, regular readers can likely guess, and even if they are not correct, they can get pretty darn close to my favorite country or tea type.  While I can not say I have an all time favorite way to enjoy tea, that mostly relies solely on just giving the tea the respect it deserves.  So I think the best thing to write about would be my favorite tea session of all time.

I thought this would be a lot easier, but I've been wrestling back and forth between a few of them over and over and over, with no one session really leading above the others.  But a general trend emerged. They are almost always the Friday afternoon/evening tea sessions.

I have a general trend to make my Friday afternoon/ evening tea's extra special.  I often go for a tea that is a lot more durable, i.e can go through a lot of infusions, as such its usually a tea I consider more special than the stuff I drink from day to day. Oddly enough these teas tend to be aged, thought not always.

Its an odd mix of interplay between mood and enjoyment of tea.  I think the more at ease and glad that it is the weekend, the better I am at being able to enjoy the tea.  As such these special teas seem extra special, because I am completely at ease.  So the enjoyment of being at ease, and drinking good tea is what makes my Friday night tea sessions seem so special.

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