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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tea is what you make it

Mountain Tea Imperial Pearl

A few days ago due to quite a few things that I read, I wanted to write a post on the spirit of tea.  Which I got halfway through writing when I realized it was basically a bunch of hot air. Yes, even more so than my usual posts.  While some people might share a similar viewpoint as me to tea, which boils down into it's something to be enjoyed, shared, and savored ( in fewer words than it deserves). I realized the great thing about tea is it can be to anyone what ever they want it to be.

From people mixing tea with alcohol to create new cocktails or beers in order to create new flavor combinations.  Tea could just be like any other beverage, which is just something to drink when thirsty.  To people in the United Kingdom, a tradition that almost everyone enjoys, even if they are not really sure why.  To someone in a Daoist, Buddhist, or any other East Asian religion that views tea as almost a religious tool, and certainly something to be revered.

The great thing I have found out about tea, and tea drinkers, is as a whole while we each have our own personal tea styles, and our own personal tea preferences, very few tea drinkers ever feel compelled to tell someone they are enjoying tea wrong.  If people do not enjoy their tea, tea drinkers are always willing to offer a suggestion to help them enjoy it.  But by all means if you like boiling your tea for 10 minutes, then mixing it with root beer, more power to you.  While most tea drinkers secretly wish you wouldn't to that to all but the absolute worst of teas, possibly not even then.

No matter how you enjoy your tea, as long as you enjoy it, you are doing it right.  Perhaps that is the spirit of tea. 
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