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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Office Tea and Teaware

Barely could believe it myself, but I followed through with an idea that had been lurking in my head, but seemed wrong on so many levels.  Last time I was at the grocery store, I bought tea that came in teabags.  The reason being, while I like drinking tea in my office, the hardest thing is the layout of the building and the offices are so inconvenient for basically anything besides teabags.  Even with an electric kettle at my desk, the kitchen area is located next to the seminar room, so for several hours at a time, almost every day, there is no way to access the kitchen (unless you want to barge through a seminar in progress which is quite frowned upon).

So the teabags are part of an attempt to be able to drink tea in the office.  As I am confronted with a weird situation of liking tea enough that I would rather have mediocre to poor quality tea, than no tea at all.

Suzuki Yunomi

This is also the Yunomi I mentioned in my last post, which will be brought to the office, as the cup to go with my office tea.  I figure if I am drinking mediocre tea, I do not need mediocre teaware.

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