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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Revisting Aged Puerh

80s Wild Arbor Loose Sheng

Do not get your hopes up, I am still more or less hopeless feeling on a lot of Young Sheng Puerh.  I do not think it is horrible, I do actually enjoy it occasionally, but sadly that occasionally is once or twice a month, which at this rate means my young sheng currently on hand will last likely over 5 more years.

Aged sheng is very very nice, and while everyone has a different idea of what qualifies aged sheng, I start to like it when its been stored in somewhat traditional setting for a little over 10 years.  Yet the only puerh I have had older than mid 90's has come in the form of loose puerh, it is still very enjoyable. It doesn't hurt that I caved and got that lovely little yixing pictured above which seems to be working wonderfully with aged sheng, so sadly for my pocket book, it looks like I will need to keep some aged sheng on hand so I can occasionally feed this wonderful teapot.

I am also considering getting back into Tea Reviews, but only make it a once or twice a week post so my blog doesn't get over run with tea reviews. 

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