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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tea and Holiday Travel

This post is an experiment, I am trying to post from a mobile source as lately I've tried to "unplug" around the holidays.  To get to the topic of tea, I think the more teaware one has the harder it is to consider packing tea items for travel. While now I know moving all of it is impractical, but through use you start to like certain items for certain teas.  So the thought of having tea while traveling suddenly raises the questions of what teas?

I think I had an ingenious idea when paralyzed by analysis with my tea packing. I realized with a single piece of teaware I can with a select selection of teas enjoy all sorts of delicious options. So this Christmas is the holiday of grandpa style brewing. Only piece of teaware needed is a chawan, or other large bowl.

First day was a great success, a morning full of balhyocha and an evening of Sejak.  I often find Korean teas great choices for grandpa style, In addition to larger leaf hong cha, and non balled Oolong's.

The only more versatile teaware I own, but more problematic to pack would be a  gaiwan, which as most tea drinkers know can brew pretty much anything. In a related note gaiwans sadly are just about as useful with brewing any type of tea as they are breakable.  Wishing everyone a happy holiday season, and good tea into and throughout the new year.

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