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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Morning Crane Tea group buy of Yi Ho Yeong teas

Park Jong Il Teacup

When I first started this tea blog, I really had no clue how far it would go, or who I would become acquainted with in the process, but rest assured as with most things, if you are in the *circles* long enough you eventually meet quite a few people.  Arthur Park is actually a potter, with an impressive bio in ceramic arts, but he also views himself as an educator in things reaching beyond just pottery, and one such area is Korean crafts and culture.  Through his work educating others he has in the past arranged for items such as tea tours, and ceramics tours of South Korea, and operates a small little tea business which helps make artisan Korean teas available in North America.  To help further educate the tea lovers of North America into how amazing Korean teas can be, he is arranging a group buy of Yi Ho Yeong teas. For more information on Yi Ho Yeong feel free to visit this post on his blog.   To find out how you can be included in this group buy, he has details on Morning Crane Tea's Facebook page.

Jukro oojeon

I have had many of the teas offered by Morning Crane tea, and they have all been of great quality and value, so much to the point that he has become pretty much the only person from which I buy Korean teas. I have made several videos involving the brewing of Korean teas, but I decided to make a new one to help spread word of this announcement.  I do apologize for the somewhat abrupt ending, turns out the time the inspectors checking that the apartment was up to code had to happen during the 10 minutes I wanted to film the video.  But such is life.

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